Nordic can spell out how your mortgage fits into your financial future

How Your New Mortgage Impacts Your Financial Planning

New homeownership: life changing, hard-earned and a total thrill. Buyers deserve to enter into this new ownership position with the peace of mind that all elements of this purchase are in line with every aspect of their financial plans. Many people might automatically head to their bank for a loan, but It’s a big undertaking to have a banker understand how this mortgage fits into your financial goals. Why not have someone that is both a financial planner and loan underwriter guide you every step of the way? It is possible to get the best of both worlds, planning and lending, with Nordic Home Loans. 

The Winning Combo: Expertise in Both Mortgages and Financial Planning

Our founder, Drew Shade, has over fifteen years of financial services experience as both a lender and an investment advisor, providing a mix of professionalism that is invaluable to buyers time after time. As a board member of the Financial Planning Association of Northern California, Drew has a finger on the pulse of the many quickly changing programs out there, and relishes helping clients build strong financial plans complete with the most competitive mortgage loans. 
Nordic Home Loans also serves as an independent broker to deliver to buyers lower wholesale rates, paying close attention to which lenders are the best fit for each borrower. Home loans are not treated as stand alones with our financial planning, they are brought into the whole picture. Another huge perk of working with Nordic Home Loans? As a broker we can pivot quickly when a lender changes their policies or increases their margins. We are not tied to any one lender, keeping our focus on your needs above all else. Significant financial choices require a great deal of maneuvering and thought, please contact us today to get started with a plan that addresses your mortgage and how it fits into your financial future.