Sacramento, the hottest housing market in the U.S. in 2021

Get Competitive in 2021’s #1 Housing Market in the U.S. with a Preapproved Loan

The word is out, the big prediction for 2021 is that Sacramento is expected to be the hottest market in the Country, according to News coverage has definitely alerted buyers far and wide that inventory is low here, and competition has never been higher for homes. With many homes now selling within a couple of days, homebuyers have to create an ironclad offer that lets sellers feel secure they’ve found the perfect buyer who is ready to move forward and is completely backed by their lender. It also persuades the agents as well, many of whom are reluctant to give unapproved buyers a viewing in a white hot market. 

What makes a buyer stand out to a seller? The lack of drama that can come with a buyer that is preapproved and ready to close in time. Remember, sellers are often handling multiple transactions at once and are on a deadline themselves. They want a reliable, no strings attached sales transaction. Preapproval from a lender assures them just that. With homes selling practically overnight there is no time for a seller to guess if a buyer is good for their word, certainty is the only path to getting an offer accepted without hesitation. This can come in the form of a preapproval, or even a step further, with a mortgage commitment letter.

Working with a Broker Increases Your Odds of Getting Preapproved

Buying a home is the largest financial transaction of your life, no time is it more crucial to work with a broker that will shop for the best rate for you. Nordic Home Loans works with multiple lenders to ensure borrowers are matched with the bank or lender with the highest potential for speedy preapproval and a successful closing. Getting preapprovals with more than one lender lets the buyer choose the mortgage that offers the best combination of interest rate, fees and points to get the lowest bottom line. It also helps buyers know what their budget is, a handy benefit so borrowers don’t waste precious time looking at homes that don’t fit in their criteria and price range. Bidding with confidence also helps your agent sell you as the optimal buyer.  

And for homebuyers that have approached the market with an offer that is in danger of falling through due to a looming deadline for loan approval, Nordic Home Loans has extensive experience saving the sale. We know the greater Sacramento market well and have worked with countless realtors and agencies to rescue deals that need our help. At Nordic Home Loans we go through heroic efforts to get buyers greenlit, push loans through in the final critical hours, and get preapprovals for clients that will outshine other bidders.

We know buying a home in an ultra competitive market like this takes a broker like Nordic Home Loans to champion your buying needs. We want to be a hero in your new home story, protecting your interests and saving the day. Get in contact with us to discuss where you are in your borrowing process and we will show you how we can improve your buying experience every step of the way.