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Win the Top Bid with Nordic Advantage

Congratulations! You’re financially secure, you’re ready to invest in a new home and you’ve found the home you want to buy. The only problem is that several other buyers all feel the same way that you do about that home. That’s not really a surprise, especially considering how hot certain housing markets – like Sacramento – are right now. So how can you ensure that your bid will stand out as the top bid? With the Nordic Advantage, of course! 

Making the Top Bid in a Competitive Housing Market

When it comes to closing the deal in a competitive housing market, it helps to have an expert on your side. Enter Nordic’s founder and financial expert, Drew Shade. During the past 15+ years, Drew has used his market expertise to develop and refine the Nordic Advantage to help his clients successfully navigate home loans throughout Northern California. So how can the Nordic Advantage help you make the top bid?

No two homes or buyers are exactly the same, which means that no two loans can be exactly the same either. The Nordic Advantage means that clients have a one-on-one experience with Drew, who will take a unique approach to your unique situation. As a broker, Drew works with multiple lenders and banks to ensure you find the right lender that will provide the highest potential of pre-approval and approval at closing. Placing an offer with a pre-approval letter lets the seller know you’re serious about buying their home, and it also means that you’ll have a greater chance of ensuring a top bid. 

When you work with Nordic, that means Drew will advocate for you throughout every step of the home loan process. He will personally reach out to the seller’s agent to verify the loan, in order to demonstrate that his buyer is a strong, low risk offer. Drew will help push things through quickly and efficiently to ensure a fast close and a winning bid for his clients. His enthusiasm and deep understanding of home loans enables him to take care of your loan so you can focus on what really matters to you.

Need help crafting a top bid? Drew is ready and eager to advocate for you! Contact him here.